Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Part of being recertified as a CPS technician or instructor is completing at least six hours of CPS technical continuing education units (CEUs) during your current two-year certification cycle. CEUs do not carry over from one period to the next, even if you have completed more than the required six hours.

Read more about resources for earning and providing CEUs.


In order to be recertified, you’ll also need to enter the information about your CEUs on your recertification page of your CPS online profile. CEUs are not entered by the agency or individual who offered the CEUs.

Unlike the five required seat checks, CEUs are not verified online, and may be subject to a CEU audit. Technicians must keep written proof of the earned CEUs. You may want to scan your CEU materials so that they are easy to save on a computer and access if you are selected for a CEU audit. CEU documentation should be kept during the certification cycle and for at least three months after recertification is completed. CEUs must fit into one of the following approved categories and meet content requirements:

  1. In-person Session/Workshop (maximum 6 CEUs)
  2. Teleconferences (maximum 5 CEUs)
  3. Online/Web sessions (maximum 6 CEUs)
  4. Newsletters/Manuals/Journals (maximum 3 CEUs)

Scroll down for more detail about each category.

You may mix and match categories to meet the six required hours of continuing education. A 45- or 50-minute session may be rounded up and counted as an hour of continuing education. Sessions shorter than 45 minutes may not be included.

Improving CPS technical knowledge is the core requirement for CEUs to count toward recertification. Examples include instruction in the latest LATCH technology, and attending CR manufacturer workshops/product updates, a CPS panel at conferences and vehicle manufacturer workshops specific to occupant protection.

Sessions, including online/webinars, should be taken only one time since content doesn't change drastically enough to count as a separate CEU. Non-technical CPS sessions, such as how to fundraise or run an inspection station, do not qualify. More examples of appropriate CEUs can be found in our FAQs. You can also check out these recertification forms, tips and upcoming webinars.

For more information, including additional requirements, examples and audit requirements, please refer to our Policies & Procedures Manual, and look under Recertification/Preregistration Requirements.

CEU Categories and Maximum Allowable Hours

Category #1: Attend an In-Person Update

  • Maximum allowable hours: 6
  • Description: An in-person update is a structured presentation or session that meets content requirements.

Category #2: Teleconferences

  • Maximum allowable hours: 5
  • Description: A teleconference is a call with a moderator and many callers. Participants call a designated number to listen in on the call. Depending on the format established by the moderator, it may be listen-only or allow interaction by participants. To qualify for CEUs, there must be a formal agenda published in advance and the organizers must confirm your attendance.

Category #3: Online/Web sessions

  • Maximum allowable hours: 6 (as of 2/22/2016)
  • Description: Interactive web updates or online courses that meet content requirements for CEUs. Both moderated and non-moderated courses can qualify for CEUs. Moderated courses feature one or more facilitators and course participants have the ability to ask them questions. Non-moderated courses often are PowerPoint presentations or recorded webinars that are made available to individuals to view and watch on their own, without interacting with others. If you complete a non-moderated session or course, in order to qualify as a CEU, it must have an assessment component, such as a quiz, to receive credit. A passing grade is 80 percent.

Category #4: Newsletters/Manuals/Journals

  • Maximum allowable hours for all newsletters, manuals or journals, combined: 3.
    • Subscribe to and read Safe Ride News or SafetyBeltSafe Newsletter. Technicians should keep the proof of purchase provided by publisher. A one-year subscription qualifies for one CEU per year during the certification cycle.
  • JOURNALS: CPS technicians may earn a maximum of one CEU by reading or publishing three scientific articles.

Eligible journals will have national circulation with primarily CPS technical content geared towards CPS technicians. They must be peer-reviewed and approved by the certifying body. Examples of eligible journals include: Journal of the American Medical Association, Pediatrics, and STAPP.

CEU Audit

As part of ongoing quality assurance, you may be randomly selected for a CEU audit. You can monitor your audit status in your online profile. Keep proof of CEU content and completion handy for three months after you recertify. You may want to consider scanning your CEU materials and saving them to a PDF file, to make it easy to send them to the auditor as proof of your CEUs.

For more information, including additional examples and audit requirements, please refer to our Policies & Procedures Manual


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