Safe Kids does not require organizations to pay for affiliates’ certification. If the organization chooses to pay for affiliates’ certification, however, the organization manager may wish to set up purchase orders (PO) or E-vouchers and provide the numbers to affiliates to pay for certification-related fees such as course registration, recertification, instructor candidacy or technician proxy.

In order for individuals to pay for program fees with an organization's PO or E-voucher, they must be affiliated with the organization. This means that the organization's ID will be listed under “Affiliate” or “Sponsor ID” on the person’s CPS online profile.

Here’s how the organization manager can:

  • Add a purchase order to the system
  • Request an E-voucher

Add a Purchase Order to the System

When the organization manager enters purchase orders (PO) online, they are immediately available for use. To add a new purchase order, log in and select “Add a New Purchase Order” from the action items at the bottom of the screen. Enter the PO information and select “Submit.” Go back to the Main Menu.

Once a PO is added to the system, organization managers can register affiliates for courses charging against that PO. They can also provide the PO number to the organization's affiliates, who can then use it to pay online for course registration, recertification or instructor candidacy. The system will automatically check for availability of funds.

At this time there is no notification when there is activity on your account. Please check the action item “List All Purchase Orders” and review activity on the POs regularly.

Any open PO may be closed and billed after 90 days.

Request an E-voucher

E-vouchers are designed for organizations that will regularly be paying for course registrations or recertifications. Safe Kids provides a line of credit for organizations requesting E-vouchers. Approval may take up to three business days. 

To apply for an E-voucher, log in and select “Apply for an E-Voucher/Request Additional E-voucher Credit Limit” from the action items at the bottom of the screen. Enter the information as requested and select “Submit”. Confirm information and click on “Submit” again. Safe Kids will send an e-mail indicating whether or not the E-voucher application was approved.

Once approved, your organization's E-voucher information will appear in the organization profile and can be used to register affiliates for courses.

Provide the E-voucher number to your affiliates and they will be able to use it to pay for course registration, recertification or instructor candidacy.


Safe Kids will send invoices for E-vouchers and purchase orders (once the balance is zero) to the organization manager.

A Second Notice invoice will be mailed for any PO or E-voucher invoices that are not paid within 60 days. A Final Notice invoice will be sent for any invoice that remains unpaid 30 days following the Second Notice.

For more information: Please read our Organization Management FAQs and refer to our Policies & Procedures Manual, and look under Organization Management.

Purchase Orders and E-Vouchers

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