Safe Kids offers an online system to help manage and coordinate CPS certification of employees, members and others affiliated with hospitals, police and fire departments, and other agencies. This online “organization management” system is different from the online CPS certification system.

Any organization may register with the organization management system. Typically an “organization manager” is responsible for:

  • Registering the agency and serving as the primary contact for Safe Kids. To register, click on the “Log in” button on this website and select “Organization Management.” You will leave the CPS certification website and go to the organization management website.
  • Designating individuals who are “affiliates” of the organization.
  • Managing the organization's purchase orders or E-vouchers for CPS certification, if used.

The organization manager uses the system to:

  • Access and track affiliates’ contact and certification information and help make sure certifications are maintained.
  • Authorize affiliates to use the organization's purchase orders or E-vouchers to pay for all program fees, including recertification. Paying program fees for affiliates is not required.


An “Affiliate” is anyone with a profile in the CPS online system who allows the organization manager to view contact and certification information. There are several ways for an individual to become an affiliate  with an organization:

  • Individuals who have never been certified can be added to the CPS certification system by the organization manager as affiliates through the “View/Add Affiliates” action item in the organization management system. Take care to avoid making duplicate profiles. Only add people that have never been CPS-certified and are not currently in the CPS certification system.
  • Anyone who already has a profile and wants to be an affiliate can click on the “Update Organization Affiliation” action item in their CPS online profile and search for the organization by name. Because individuals must approve the sharing of contact and certification information, the organization manager cannot select individuals who already have profiles to be affiliates.

Because some individuals work for one agency and are sponsored by another, there are two places in the system to indicate affiliation to an organization.

Being an affiliate does not automatically mean that the organization will pay certification or recertification fees. If the organization does cover the fees and uses purchase orders or E-vouchers to handle those transactions, affiliates can use them to pay once the organization manager provides the necessary numbers to the affiliate.

For more information: Please read our Organization Management FAQs and refer to our Policies & Procedures Manual, and look under Organization Management.

Organization Management

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