Recertification Requirements

CPS certification expires after two years. Technicians and Instructors are required to successfully complete the recertification process before current certification expires.  

Here is what you need to do to recertify:

  • Meet these requirements and record the activities in your online profile:
  • Pay the recertification fee. The recertification fee is $55 for technicians and instructor candidates and $60 for instructors. A detailed fee table is available on this website under Resources-FAQs/Fees. Check your online profile if you are not sure when your certification expires.

You must complete all recertification requirements, including paying the recertification fee, on or before the expiration date of your current certification. 

More Information: You can find many resources and tools to help you recertify under Resources-FAQs/Forms.


Two years goes by quickly, and recertification cannot be completed in just one day. Safe Kids strongly recommends updating your online profile each time you conduct a seat check, attend community education, and as you complete CEUs.

You can fulfill all the recertification requirements, including payment, up to four months prior to the date your certification expires. Don’t worry. You won’t lose any time. Your certification dates stay the same, regardless of when you complete the requirements for recertification.

Need more information?  Check out:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Safe Kids Certification at [email protected] or 202-875-6330.

Recertification Reminders

To remind you that it is time to complete your recertification, Safe Kids will send you:

  • A personalized letter approximately eight weeks before your current certification expiration date (US only), and
  • Three personalized e-mails sent eight, four and two weeks before your current certification expiration date.

The letter and e-mails will be sent to the official contact information in your CPS online profile, so it is essential to keep your profile information up-to-date. 

In addition, there are frequent reminders in the CPS Express, our bimonthly newsletter. Please be sure that e-mails from “[email protected]” aren’t going to the spam filter of your e-mail system.

What to do if Your Certification Expires

If your CPS certification expires, you have two options:

  1. Register for and pass the one-day Certification Renewal Testing Course


  1. Repeat the Certification Course. Safe Kids recommends this for anyone who does not pass the Certification Renewal Testing Course or who has not been active in the child passenger safety field for some time.

If you are an instructor, your CPS certification expires and you want to become certified as an instructor again, you will need to go through the process again: become certified as a technician, apply for instructor candidacy, meet all eligibility requirements, and successfully complete the candidacy process.

No refunds will be provided to those who do not pass the Certification or Certification Renewal Testing courses. You may, however, register for any subsequent course and pay all associated fees.

For more information: Please refer to our Policies & Procedures Manual.

Late Recertification

If you have a medical or major family issue and would like some additional time to complete your recertification, contact us for assistance before your certification expiration date. 

Active military duty and natural disasters are two situations where we would consider extending certifications.

MILITARY DUTY: On behalf of everyone at Safe Kids, we thank you for your service. If you were currently certified at the time of your assignment to overseas military duty and provide official documentation of the assignment and its duration, Safe Kids will work with you to provide extra time for you to recertify without penalty.

To recertify, you must contact us within three months after your return to the United States, provide required documentation and complete the recertification process in a timely manner.

NATURAL DISASTERS: If you need additional time to recertify due to a natural disaster, provide Safe Kids with a simple explanation of the situation and relevant dates.

Requests should be received prior to your certification expiration but will be accepted within six months of the disaster. Safe Kids will work with you to provide additional time for you to recertify without penalty.


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