Technician proxies can review and approve seat checks for recertification. We created this role to help bridge the gap in parts of the country where there are few certified instructors. Once approved as a technician proxy, you will remain one until your CPS certification expires. Being a technician proxy is not associated with being a Senior Checker.

Anyone who has been CPS-certified for at least six months may apply to be a technician proxy. When you are eligible to apply, you will see the action item "Apply to be a Technician Proxy" in your CPS online profile.

Once approved, your status will continue to be "Certified Technician" but you will see “Extra Training: Technician Proxy” in your online profile.

How to Become a Technician Proxy

There are two steps to becoming a technician proxy:

  1. Submit a complete application, along with a total of two testimonials. The application is available on this website under Resources/Forms.
  2. Pay the $25 fee.

Along with your application, you will need to include signed testimonials from one certified instructor and a technician or second instructor. 

Each testimonial is to be completed following the Instructor or Technician’s observation as you conduct at least three real (not mock) seat checks with caregivers and at least 2 seat checks working with other Technicians as a senior/final checker. They will use these observations to evaluate your readiness and ability to (1) provide suitable and appropriate feedback and (2) pass and fail seat checks appropriately. 

You can find more details in the application. Remember, your application fee is nonrefundable.

Read more: Technician Proxy FAQs.  

Watch the Tech Proxy Town Hall Webinar (30 minutes)

Thanks for your interest in becoming a technician proxy! 

Technician Proxy

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