Participating in at least one community event (education) is required for recertification for both technicians and instructors. Don’t forget to add at least one to your CPS online profile.

There are three kinds of community education that can count toward recertification. Recertifying technicians can choose to do either:
  1. Participate in a two-hour seat checkup event. Participate in a seat checkup event(s)/inspection station(s) for a minimum of 2 hours. At least one other CPS technician must be present. You must serve families by using any standardized checklist. You are welcome to combine different checkup events or appointments to meet the time requirement of two hours.

  2. Provide at least four hours of community education to people who are not CPS technicians. Examples include speaking about child passenger safety at birthing classes, PTA or EMS/law enforcement meetings, a preschool or Head Start program, or other parenting groups and organizations. Working at a health fair where you are primarily talking about CPS also qualifies for recertification. You are welcome to combine different presentations to meet the time requirement of four hours. For example, you can do eight 30-minute education sessions or four one-hour education sessions
    Community Education Outreach Tips

  3. Attend a one hour (minimum) educational session(s), live or online.  Examples include how to better reach community members or underserved communities, improve communication skills or instructor development and learning about other cultures and their beliefs in your community. Find recorded Community Education Webinars hosted by the National Child Passenger Safety Board here or this great course created by Kids and Car Safety.



Community Education

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