Experienced CPS technicians who are ready to help others learn how to become technicians should consider working towards becoming a certified instructor. To earn this certification, CPS Technicians must:

  • Complete the instructor candidacy process and successfully teach a Certification Course.
  • Make sure their technician certification does not expire during the candidacy period.
The basic steps for becoming a certified instructor are:
  • Become a certified technician and maintain your certification throughout your instructor candidacy
  • Gain experience in the CPS field
  • Gather the required information for the Application for Instructor Candidacy
  • Participate in a Certification Course as a course assistant
  • Register by paying the instructor candidate application fee after being a CPS technician for at least six months. At this time you also should contact a certified instructor to discuss who your mentor will be and which class you will participate in as part of your instructor candidacy.
  • Submit the Application for Instructor Candidacy to Safe Kids at least six weeks prior to the registered course that you wish to participate in as an instructor candidate. 
  • Once you are approved as an instructor candidate, work with your mentor and lead instructor to prepare to teach.
  • Teach a Certification Course within one year of being approved as an instructor candidate. Minimum teaching requirements:
    • Lecture for at least five hours, divided among at least three modules
    • Set up at least one hands-on exercise (classroom and/or vehicle)
    • Lead at least one hands-on exercise
    • Participate fully in the course
  • The lead instructor and your mentor will determine if you have passed or failed instructor candidacy and will send Safe Kids your score along with the Instructor Candidate Evaluation. Upon successful completion of instructor candidacy, your status will change to Certified Instructor.
  • Continue working to improve your technical and teaching skills, fulfill your obligations as an instructor, and eventually, consider becoming a lead instructor or a mentor.

The instructor candidacy process can take no longer than one year from the time you are approved as an instructor candidate. There is no limit to the number of times you can teach a Certification Course as an instructor candidate during your one year candidacy period. If you do not receive a passing score on the first try, you are free to try again in another course within the one year time frame. Due to the nature of the candidacy process, the application fee is refundable only in extreme, well-documented situations.

For more information:

Visit the Application and the Candidacy Process, sections of this website, refer to the section about instructor candidacy in our Policies & Procedures Manual, and review the various tools for instructor candidates, mentors and instructors.

Become a Certified Instructor

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