Participating as a Course Assistant

Before you apply to become an instructor candidate, you will need to participate as a course assistant for at least one CPS Certification Course, preferably within the last year, but within two years is acceptable. Being a course assistant means fully participating in the course planning meeting, setting up the classroom, engaging in classroom and outdoor exercises, and observing all aspects of the course, including various teaching styles. Course assistants do not lecture, grade or sign off on skills tests. 

Applying to become an Instructor Candidate

CPS technicians will know they are eligible to apply for instructor candidacy when the action item “Pay Instructor Candidacy Fee” appears in your online profile. The application fee for instructor candidacy is $85. Safe Kids encourages you to pay the fee after your application is complete and ready to be submitted. Once the registration fee has been processed, you will receive an application in the mail. The application is always available online and there is no need to wait for the mailed copy. In the meantime, you might want to reach out to a lead instructor about your interest in becoming an instructor candidate. Review the Instructor Candidate Application well before you plan to pay the fee and submit the application.

A complete application will include:
  • A list of your child safety seat activities for the past two years, including the type of events, dates and number of seats checked.
  • A list of your teaching experiences during the past two years, including the topics, dates, length of sessions and the number of adult students. This experience can be in subject areas other than child passenger safety but you must have taught adults in a classroom setting.
  • Four Testimonials
  • Two testimonials for adult classroom teaching
  • One testimonial for CPS Skill and Course Assistant Completion by a CPSTI
  • One testimonial for CPS Skill by a CPST or CPSTI

Submit your completed application at least six weeks before the beginning of the registered course in which you wish to participate as an instructor candidate. This allows time for your application to be processed and for you to become comfortable with the instructor's manual, which you will receive once you are approved as an instructor candidate.

Please send all four testimonials with the application to Safe Kids (information on application).

For more information:

Please refer to the section about instructor candidacy in our Policies & Procedures Manual, visit the Candidacy Process page on this website, and review the various tools for instructor candidates, mentors and instructors.


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