Providing CEUs FAQs

  1. I am not a CPSTI. Can I present a tech update session for CPS CEUs? 
  2. I presented a 1 CEU session at a 4 CEU conference. What do I get credit for? 
  3. Is there an advantage of providing a pre-approved CEU? 
  4. Can I use existing presentations to offer CEUs locally?
  5. How do I know how many CEUs an update is worth? 

1. I am not a CPSTI. Can I present a tech update session for CPS CEUs?
CEU sessions can be presented by anyone. Presenters do not have to be a CPSTI or a CPST, as long as the content of the presentation is accurate, up to date, and increases the CPS technical knowledge and skill of the CPST audience.

If you would like to develop a CEU session and are unsure if it will qualify for CEUs, you can submit Preapproval Request Form with a copy of your agenda to the Certification Program. You will receive a response within 2 business days. If you do not get a response, please do follow up. Your application and agenda will be reviewed and your session will be given a pre-approval ID number. Please do not include copies of your slides as the specific content will not be reviewed.

Pre-approval is not mandatory, but it lets your audience know that your session does count for the specified number of CEUs. If audited, the CPST need only send proof of attendance with the pre-approval ID number. 

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2. I presented a 1 CEU session at a 4 CEU conference. What do I get credit for?
CPSTs can earn 1.5 CEUs for each hour developed and taught. If the presentation was researched and put together by you, then you can apply 1.5 CEUs per hour presented. If you present a session that was developed by someone else (i.e. presenting one of the webinars found at and you have already claimed CEUs from the session, you should not be awarded CEUs for presenting; no double dipping! If it is your first time with the material and you did not prepare the information, then you can award yourself the CEU as if you were in the audience.

If you attended a session as a presenter, you may also apply the CEUs for being in attendance for the remaining sessions. In this example, if the CPST had not previously collected CEUs for any of the sessions being presented, and they developed their presentation and presented it for the first time, they would earn 4.5 CEUs: 1.5 for the session they developed and 3 CEUs for the other sessions. 

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3. Is there an advantage of providing a pre-approved CEU?
Yes, many technicians will want to be confident in submitting CEUs that will go toward their recertification without wondering if the event qualifies or has been correctly calculated. If they are randomly selected for an audit, then there is no question about the allocation of CEUs. Once the CEU update session has been preapproved, the assigned event ID is included on proof of participation for each tech to keep for their recertification cycle. CEU documentation should be kept during the certification cycle and for at least three months after re-certification is completed.

Suggestions for organizers: Keep the approved CEU notification from Safe Kids as part of your record along with the application, sign in sheet and any evaluations. Although not a requirement, organizers may be asked by participants for proof of their participation in their CEU if an audited tech loses their certificate. Providing a copy of the CEU sign-in sheet or an email from the organizer to the tech with the Event ID, date and confirmation of attendance will meet the requirement for proof of the technicians participation.

FIND THE FORM:  It is available under Resources-FAQs/Forms/Recertification. Click on the 'CPS CEU Preapproval Request Form' link.

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4. Can I use existing presentations to offer CEUs locally?


No need to reinvent the wheel! First, look around to see which quality pre-recorded sessions or videos you want to use. There are several recorded webinars available to CPSTs for CEUs online but you can show them at your in-person update. These can be found at, as well as manufacturer websites that may be accessed through your Safe Kids online profile

Make it even easier for your local techs and submit the update for preapproved CEUs. This step is not required but it makes it easier if they are selected for a CEU audit. See the FAQ: Is there an advantage of providing a pre-approved CEU?

The last step is to offer the update. Be sure you have internet access to watch the videos, keep a sign-in sheet and provide proof of attendance to the techs. Group discussion is a key component to this type of CEU. It is important that you are familiar with the topic in order to lead the discussion, answer questions appropriately or know where to refer participants for clarification.

These videos can be provided to local technicians in a variety of ways. They can be added to existing meetings, presented to CPSTs prior to a seat check event or scheduled fitting station, or can be offered as a stand-alone session.

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5. How do I know how much a session is worth?

A 45-minute session may be rounded up and counted as 1 hour of continuing education. Sessions shorter than 45 minutes may not be included. You may not combine shorter sessions to equal one hour.

Educational sessions lasting longer than an hour and 15 minutes may be awarded 1.5 CEUs. The ability to enter half credits is an option after the first CEU.

3/4 hr (45 min) - 1 hr 15 min = 1 CEU
1 hr 15 min - 1 hr 45 min = 1.5 CEUs
1 hr 45 min - 2 hr 15 min = 2 CEUs

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