Once the Certification or Renewal Testing Course is finished, the lead instructor is responsible for submitting the following online:

  • Hands-on pass/fail scores: A student must pass all 4 hands-on skills assessments to receive a passing grade.
  • Written score: A passing grade requires that the student answer at least 42 out of 50 (84%) questions correctly.
  • Absent: Only mark students absent if they never came to the class. For those students who did not attend every part of the course, enter whatever grades you may have for them.
  • Instructor candidate pass/fail evaluations (Certification Course only): The written evaluation must be submitted to Safe Kids with the other return materials. If ICs fail the course, they have up to one year from the date they were approved as an IC to successfully teach a class. Return any instructor candidate evaluations (the mentor, IC and LI should each keep a copy) to the Safe Kids at (CPSCert@safekids.org) within five business days of course completion.
  • Actual teaching hours for each instructor: This should be as accurate as possible to ensure appropriate credit for re-certification. Once entered, these hours cannot be adjusted.
    • Instructor candidate hours are included for course tracking purposes, but they do not count towards the 20 required teaching hours for instructor re-certification.
    • Teaching hours are based on the number of hours of lecture and participation in hands-on skills exercises and testing. Just being in the classroom does not qualify for teaching hours.
    • Certified instructors who are mentors may earn eight hours for serving in that role and may earn 10 teaching hours for serving as lead instructors (certification courses only). Mentors and lead instructors who do additional teaching or hands-on work will earn additional hours.
    • Here are two examples for calculating teaching hours: 
      • An instructor participated in eight hours of hands-on work, but did not lecture. This qualifies as eight teaching hours.
      • An instructor lectured for five hours and does 10 hours of hands-on work (includes 3 hours working with students at a check-up event). This earns 15 teaching hours.
      • Learn more about calculating teaching hours.

Student scores do not have to be entered at once, however, the course cannot be finalized and pass/fail letters cannot be generated until all scores have been entered.

Once everything is submitted online, the status of the course becomes "Pending Finalization". This status will remain until all practical and the final exam scores (for Certification Courses) are submitted and attached to the course roster.

The lead instructor should be extremely careful when entering grades online to be sure they are accurate. Failure to contact Safe Kids Worldwide immediately following data entry error may result in sanctions.

The lead instructor should keep the course grade sheet for one year as a record of the student grades and may destroy any used tests.

Score Reports

The course roster is updated with students' practical and exam scores as they are added by the lead instructor. A final course roster with each student's official scores may be viewed online by the lead instructor or course administrator.

Wallet Cards

Once all grades/scores are entered and the course is finalized, lead instructors or course administrators can print wallet cards for new technicians from their course.

Once the course is finalized, print cards by selecting the “Print Wallet Cards” action item from the course profile and following the prompts. Providing wallet cards to the students is optional.

Unused Student Manuals

Please do not return the unused student workbooks to Safe Kids. Keep them for future courses. When you register a new course, subtract the number of manuals you have left from the total number of seats and request that number of manuals.

For example, if you have five manuals left from a previous course and you are adding a course with 15 seats, request only 10 manuals when you set up the course online.

For more information: Please refer to our Policies & Procedures Manual, and look under Course Administration, After the Course.

Course Finalization

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