Safe Kids Worldwide is delighted to celebrate our seventh annual national Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) month this May! It is a time for us to celebrate the over 43,000 technicians who serve the community every day, educating families about how to travel safely.

Consider taking a course this May. You can join thousands of other nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians help parents and caregiver properly secure their children in the correct car seat so the child is safe in the event of a crash.

You may ask, “What kind of training do I need to become a CPST”? During the course, (developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, certified through Safe Kids Worldwide and monitored by the Child Passenger Safety Board) you will learn about what happens during a crash, injury prevention strategies, how to choose a car seat for different children, how to install car seats properly and how to keep all passengers safe in the car. The course, generally held over a four-day period, combines hands-on activities, lectures and discussions with a wide variety of child restraint and vehicle seat belt systems. Quick paced and interactive, be ready to dive right in and learn! 

CPST Month    CPST Month

Once you’re certified, you’ll be able to teach parents how to install their car seat properly, and how to fit their child in the seat, so that child leaves safer than they were before. Car seat checkup events happen all across the country, and you can volunteer at an event near you. Each car seat you check means a child is safer while on the road.

As a CPS Technician, you are a valuable community resource.

      Educate families at checkup events

      Answer questions and make referrals

      Provide community presentations

      Participate in health and safety fairs

      Provide current, culturally-sensitive materials/information.

Many people who have become CPST’s develop a renewed sense of community. The work you do will keep kids safe and could save lives.

Here are a few reasons why people have become CPSTs.

“When the car is driving away with a child safely and correctly secured makes me feel that there is hope for preventing injuries, one child at a time.” S. Chambers

“I am a CPS Tech because every day I can make a difference in helping save the life of a child and the other occupants in the vehicle.” J. Baker

Learn more about becoming a nationally certified CPS Technician.  To see what courses are available in your area, click on the FIND A COURSE button at the top of this page. None near you? You can sign up for an email alert when a course is added in your state.

CPST’s come from many backgrounds from a caring mom or dad advocating for children’s safety to law enforcement, EMS/firefighters, public health and medical professionals. They make a difference every day and so can you! We hope you can join us this May to help celebrate Child Passenger Safety Technician Month!

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Child Passenger Safety Technician Month

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